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Vintage Hall's Superior Autumn Leaf Coffee Pot

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The Autumn Leaf pattern by Hall has the most interesting backstory. It was introduced in 1933 for the Jewel Tea Company who operated out of Illinois and owned supermarkets and also manufactured their own products like tea & coffee. Jewel had traveling salesmen who went door to door and issued premium coupons with grocery purchases. When customers had saved up enough coupons; they could select something from the 'premium items' that the company offered. Autumn Leaf could only be purchased through an authorized Jewel Salesman. This pattern remained nameless until 1940 when it was finally called Autumn Leaf.

The back stamp says 'Tested and Approved by Mary Dunbar Jewel Homemakers Institute'.

The Jewel Homemakers institute was founded in 1924 to build customer confidence in Jewel. The first director was Mrs. Mary Hartson (maiden name Dunbar). The maker stuck and any other directors after were known as 'Mary Dunbar'. Items were tested for durability, serviceability and purity. Once they were approved, they received the stamp we see on these Hall products. 

The Autumn Leaf pattern was manufactured from 1933 - 1976.

This coffee pot measures 8" high and holds 32 fluid ounces. It appears to have had minimal (if any) prior use. There is a very small hairline crack only visible from the interior near the spout. It is in excellent overall condition. 

Elevate the Everyday

A single dinner plate or small platter in a charming vintage pattern goes a long way when serving small bites & sweet treats. It's always all in the details.