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Red Russian Kale Microgreens

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What are microgreens and what is their significance? 

Microgreens are the very first growth of a plant and are harvested just after one true set of leaves has been established. Microgreens contain considerably higher levels of vitamins and nutrients than in their fully grown state. They add a depth of flavor to food and in some varieties, a spicy kick. They can be used in salads, smoothies, as toppings or garnishes to many varieties of dishes. 

We recommend that you place your microgreens directly into the refrigerator for best and longest shelf life. To prevent spoiling, it is best to keep them cool. Make sure you always rinse in cool water.

Kale is an extremely nutrient dense food source. With microgreens you can receive all of the health benefits of kale and avoid the sometimes bitter taste that comes with full grown kale. Some of the health benefits of this amazing vegetable include:

  • Full of antioxidants that reduce free radicals, which aids in cancer prevention
  • Anti-inflammatory, which reduces swelling and pain in the body
  • Fortifies immune system and improves brain health

Available for purchase per 2 ounce package or per 1 pound package. Live full flats are available for restaurant purchase only.

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