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Pier 1 Macintosh Salad Plate / Dessert Plate

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This Pier 1 Macintosh salad/dessert plates is simply lovely. Made in England, the richly colored fruit pattern and navy blue trim add a timeless feel. Used on its own or mix and matched with other dinnerware; casually or formally ~ it will create a stunning table setting time and time again. The plate measures a generous 7 3/4" round. There are minimal utensil marks on the surface and no chips cracks. It is in excellent condition.

Sweet Romance of Spring

We cling to the promise of rebirth; it is the hope that guides us through the long winter months. Signs of new life begin to appear almost timidly; as if the flora and fauna were checking to see if the world was indeed a safe place to come into. And once they determine it is ~ the whole world comes alive in an instant.