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Grays' Pottery Small Copper Lustreware Pitcher / Individual Creamer

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Small and sweet describes this copper lusterware pitcher by Gray's Pottery. Featuring a hunt scene design, it measures 2 3/4" high and is 3" long from spout to handle. It holds just over 2 fluid ounces. The back stamp dates manufacturing between 1933 - 1961. Gray's Pottery was founded in Stoke-On-Trent England in 1907 and produced wares until 1960 when they were taken over by Portmeirion Pottery. There is a chip on the rim that is visible in the 3rd photo (creamer to the right). Otherwise it has no other chips or cracks and is in very good condition.

Sweet Romance of Spring

We cling to the promise of rebirth; it is the hope that guides us through the long winter months. Signs of new life begin to appear almost timidly; as if the flora and fauna were checking to see if the world was indeed a safe place to come into. And once they determine it is ~ the whole world comes alive in an instant.