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Anchor Pottery Semi Porcelain Oval Covered Vegetable Bowl

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Established in 1894, Anchor Pottery manufactured semi porcelain ware in Trenton, NJ. This pink and blue floral covered vegetable dish is a fine example of their artistry. Measuring 12" long, 7 1/4" wide, 3" deep and 6" high, there is some rubbing and fading to the gold trim work. There are 2 chips to the underside of the lid, 1 on the edge of the lid (visible in 2nd photo) and one on the footed base. For its age it is in overall very good condition and is still fully functional.

Sweet Romance of Spring

We cling to the promise of rebirth; it is the hope that guides us through the long winter months. Signs of new life begin to appear almost timidly; as if the flora and fauna were checking to see if the world was indeed a safe place to come into. And once they determine it is ~ the whole world comes alive in an instant.