Getting to know Kathleen @mysoutherntupelo

Getting to know Kathleen @mysoutherntupelo

Welcome to the first feature in How We Feast. I've been dreaming of creating a little corner of inspiration away from the busy of social media to share with you some of the people who inspire me.

I've been following Kathleen from @mysoutherntupelo for quite some time and am endlessly inspired by her effortless style. Her home feels like a home in every sense of the word. The coziness it exudes and the thoughtful details that appear in every nook & cranny are timeless and chic. Aside from creating a beautiful home, Kathleen brings a positive presence to the social media world; always sharing kind & uplifting words that support and encourage those she comes in contact with. 

I hope you enjoy this feature and are inspired to follow her journey.


If I stopped by your house to say hello, where would I most likely find you?

If I was expecting you, I would be in my kitchen, preparing something to drink and a sweet or in the garden cutting flowers for a small vase for the table.

photo courtesy of @mysoutherntupelo

How would you describe your style of decorating?

Collected, comfortable,  classic.

You use a lot of vintage pieces in your home & on your table ~ what attracts you to vintage items?

From an environmental standpoint using vintage is just better for our planet.
Homes that appear to be collected over time are just prettier than ones that look like everything was bought yesterday at a big chain store.  Adding vintage to your home and your table adds beauty and character. Finding vintages tableware can evoke memories of a relative, mother, grandmother or a loved family member. Finding a plate, set of glasses or any number of items can bring warm happy memories and gives your home character.

table setting

photo courtesy of @mysoutherntupelo

What kind of vintage finds excite you the most?

Ones that remind me of my grandmother and  mother. I’m also a collector so I enjoy finding beautiful, unique items to use everyday.

cozy living room

photo courtesy of @mysoutherntupelo

What is your favorite way to feast?

Joyfully with friends and family, sitting at a simple beautifully set table. A small vintage pitcher of garden flowers, some pretty plates and glasses and charming old or new table linens make a table pretty and inviting. Taking time to set a table, getting out a pretty glass for ice tea for a neighbor dropping by can make make your guest feel special and welcome.   Simple gestures make a big difference when feasting with loved ones.

celebration cake

photo courtesy of @mysoutherntupelo

cozy living room

photo courtesy of @mysoutherntupelo


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I just love this idea of sharing How we Feast. Such a beautiful, warm home.

Mary Margaret Ripley

@mysoutherntupelo Your home looks so inviting. Just delightful!

Joanna Prout

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