A barren winter landscape translated beautifully on this vintage German china. Called Winterling, its crisp palette sets the stage for an intimate winter gathering. Invest in a fresh set of plates or bowls or add a few serving pieces to your basic white dinnerware to liven up the table and create your own modern heirlooms.

Shop Winterling:

Winterling Dinner Plates

Winterling Salad/Dessert Plates

Winterling Bread & Butter Plates

Winterling Coupe Soup Bowls

Winterling Berry/Sauce Bowls

Winterling Teacup & Saucer Set

Winterling Teapot

Winterling Small Sugar Bowl & Creamer Set

Winterling Large Sugar Bowl & Creamer Set

Winterling Round Covered Vegetable Dish

Winterling Round Serving Bowl

Winterling Oval Serving Bowl

Winterling Small Oval Serving Platter

Winterling Large Oval Serving Platter

Winterling Gravy Boat

Set of 4 Ball Stem Glasses

Set of 4 Royal Saxony Dinner Forks

Gifts For The Hostess and the Home Chef


Small tokens sure to please the hostess and/or the home chef.

Vintage Japanese Bird Pitcher/Creamer

Pair of  Mikasa Transition Cappuccino Cereal Bowls

Vintage 3 Arm Silver Candelabra

Set of 4 Small Vintage Green Stoneware Bowls/Ramekins/Custard Cups

Vintage Lancaster & Sandland Ltd Staffordshire Chinoiserie Condiment Crock

Vintage Homer Laughlin Best China Black Scalloped Edge Condiment Bowls/Prep Bowls










Every now and again, there is magic in a November afternoon that no other month on the calendar can muster. These are the days when the world is ablaze with autumn’s finest colors and the sun’s low, hazy glow provides just enough warmth to soften the crisp chill in the air. It’s the perfect time to gather a few essentials, share a simple meal beneath the trees and bask in nature’s beauty. As the leaves gracefully float to the ground, one by one; blanketing earth with the finest carpet, time falls into the same sweet rhythm, passing slowly, giving pause for gratitude.

And we are grateful.

Gorham Ariana Dinner Plates

Set of 4 Vintage Ball Stem Water / Wine Glasses

Set of 6 Vintage Rogers Bros Tipped Dinner Forks

Vintage 3 Arm Silver Candelabra


An Affair to Remember








A reason to celebrate should not end up being a cause of stress and frustration. That totally defeats the purpose! But sometimes entertaining becomes just that ~ stressful. Pulling simple elements together to create big impact is key. Having a few go ~ to entertaining pieces on hand will make it all the more effortless.

 No one needs cabinets that are cluttered with unused stuff. Thinking first about your habits will help determine your needs and help you build a collection of items that won’t be dust catchers. Here are a few Feast Vintage favorites:

~Champagne flutes

Do you often find yourself popping a bottle of bubbly? Investing in a set of pretty champagne flutes might be worth it. Flutes are also perfect for serving mimosas at brunch or a holiday breakfast. Or how about for Bellini’s? The long, lean shape feels less obtrusive in hand and let’s face it: they’re kind of sexy.

~Punch Bowl

A high sided punch bowl can do double duty as an ice bucket or a vessel for a floral centerpiece (like that magnificent one you just saw on Pinterest) and more than earn its CPUs (cost per use). Serving a yummy punch at a party is more cost effective than a self serve bar or playing bartender. It’s an easier way to serve up the good stuff and enjoy the party alongside your guests.

~ Vintage jam jars

I buy vintage jam jars every time I find them because they are perfect vessels for flowers, candles, storing flatware and having on hand when it’s time to put up some jam or jelly.

~ Brass candleholders

From mantle to table to party, you can never go wrong having a small collection of classic candleholders on hand. A mix and match grouping brings visual interest and eclectic style.

~Pretty dessert plates

It doesn’t matter what you are serving for dessert, you need a small size plate to serve it on. Dessert plates that measure around 7″ are perfect for serving salad and keeping the dinner plate clean for the main course. A dessert plate is also the perfect excuse to add fun pattern and color to the table and they don’t need to break the bank. There are so many affordable vintage options that will make your tabletop truly unique.

~A small serving tray

A small size tray, whether silver, brass or any other fabrication elevates your presentation when entertaining and can also be used for displaying a small grouping of flowers or candles on a coffee table. Perhaps as a catchall for keys and mail in the foyer or entryway. Or for serving small bites or sweets. There are so many ways you can utilize a pretty tray around the house.



The Euro Kitchen






The sweet Florentine plaque with its soft pink and cream floral on a faded black backdrop and distressed gilt edge was the inspiration for these European inspired kitchen shelves. Rattan wrapped vintage wine bottles, engraved brass wine glasses and a dramatic brass candelabra add texture and depth. Clear French juice glasses bring neutrality and some old white porcelain dishes stacked on top of a few favorite cookbooks creates balance.

Shop the shelves:

Vintage Florentine plaque 

Trio of vintage rattan wrapped wine bottles

Opaque glass double handle urn

Pair of Harkerware bread & butter plates

Alfred Meakin semi porcelain bone dishes

Set of 4 engraved brass wine glasses

Vintage brass 3 arm candelabra

Set of 7 Duralex France juice glasses

Navy + Marigold


This fall I am loving a combination of navy blue and marigold. The navy brings a dark, moody vibe and the marigold is a fresh pop of color in a season otherwise dominated by shades of brown and orange. I recently found a set of vintage Japanese Otagiri stoneware dinner plates with a bold navy and chocolate brown rim that provide a modern contrast to an antique brown and blue transferware platter. Rattan wrapped glassware is a perfect neutral element to tie it all together.


These linen napkins flipped to the backside keep the vintage feel.


Mix match antique and vintage flatware feels more fun and less formal and fussy.


You can bring this look home to your table ~ shop the setting with the links below:

Vintage Set of 4 Otagiri Dinner Plates  – sold

Set of 4 Vintage Embroidered Napkins

Rattan Carafe and Tumblers – sold

Floral transferware platter is no longer available but this one makes a great substitute


Kitchen Essentials



ACS_0515A few small kitchen essentials artfully arranged creates big impact on open shelving in the kitchen. A mix of textures and keeping a synonymous color palette are key to making it work.


I like to pull items that I think will look good together first to “mock up” what I had in mind. Then it is only a matter of moving a few things around here and there to achieve the look I am going for.


I wanted to highlight these beautiful vintage juice glasses because those shades of pink and that floral design are everything that sets my heart aflutter lately. I love the sculptural shape of that little stoneware creamer that is serendipitously in the same color  tone and the size proportion is perfect alongside the juice glasses.


Pretty vintage rice bowls mixed with glass and metals complete the look. I used a silver plated sugar bowl with a very sculptural design and some mini silver trays to add height, dimension and a little “pop” behind the bowls.


Another sugar bowl (this time in white) sits on top of a pair of sweet bread and butter plates and balances the stark white of the rice bowls above.

Let’s be honest ~ open shelving in the kitchen is beautiful but not necessarily ideal for everyday use. Things get dirty and dusty sitting out like this. It’s a fact. Using items you are not reaching for on a daily basis is a great solution to achieving the look without the fuss.

Shop the shelves:

Set of 6 Vintage Blush Pink Floral Juice Glasses

Vintage Taupe Pink Small Pitcher/Creamer

Vintage Pair of Harkerware Taupe Pink Bread & Butter Plates

Vintage Set of 4 Pink Gold Calla Lily Rice Bowls

Vintage Set of 7 Floral / Green Cross / 1980 / Rice Bowls

Small Oval Silver Etched Tray by AMC India

Vintage Johnson Brothers Regency Sugar Bowl



All You Need Is Love






Nothing says I love you more than a home cooked meal and a cozy night in with the ones you love.

Shop the settings:

Set of 6 Sone China Salad/Dessert Plates 

Vintage Hand Painted Rose Salad/Dessert Plates

Set of 8 Vintage French Wine Glasses

Oval Platter

Set of 4 Vintage Mikasa English Chintz Peach Bloom Square Dinner Plates

Vintage Floral Tray

Vintage Noritake Imperial Blossom Salad/Dessert Plates


Vintage Modern




 Vintage pieces meld seamlessly in with modern elements.

It’s all in the mix and match.

Vintage Homer Laughlin Dinner Plates

Anthropologie Gilded Botany Side Plates

Matte Black Flatware

Fukagawa Arita Bread & Butter Plates

Fukagawa Arita Salad/Dessert Plates

Noritake Stoneware Colorwave Graphite Side Plate 



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