Kitchen Essentials



ACS_0515A few small kitchen essentials artfully arranged creates big impact on open shelving in the kitchen. A mix of textures and keeping a synonymous color palette are key to making it work.


I like to pull items that I think will look good together first to “mock up” what I had in mind. Then it is only a matter of moving a few things around here and there to achieve the look I am going for.


I wanted to highlight these beautiful vintage juice glasses because those shades of pink and that floral design are everything that sets my heart aflutter lately. I love the sculptural shape of that little stoneware creamer that is serendipitously in the same color  tone and the size proportion is perfect alongside the juice glasses.


Pretty vintage rice bowls mixed with glass and metals complete the look. I used a silver plated sugar bowl with a very sculptural design and some mini silver trays to add height, dimension and a little “pop” behind the bowls.


Another sugar bowl (this time in white) sits on top of a pair of sweet bread and butter plates and balances the stark white of the rice bowls above.

Let’s be honest ~ open shelving in the kitchen is beautiful but not necessarily ideal for everyday use. Things get dirty and dusty sitting out like this. It’s a fact. Using items you are not reaching for on a daily basis is a great solution to achieving the look without the fuss.

Shop the shelves:

Set of 6 Vintage Blush Pink Floral Juice Glasses

Vintage Taupe Pink Small Pitcher/Creamer

Vintage Pair of Harkerware Taupe Pink Bread & Butter Plates

Vintage Set of 4 Pink Gold Calla Lily Rice Bowls

Vintage Set of 7 Floral / Green Cross / 1980 / Rice Bowls

Small Oval Silver Etched Tray by AMC India

Vintage Johnson Brothers Regency Sugar Bowl



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