This time of year is all about rich shades of orange, chocolate browns and the ubiquitous white pumpkins that are seemingly everywhere. While the typical autumn color palette is always welcome, there is something about blush tones and beige that feel right at home on the tabletop. These soft, muted tones give off a romantic vibe in a casual setting. No starchy white napkins or formal airs here.

Vintage 70’s and early 80’s stoneware play perfectly into the mix with patterns that are so right now. The best part is that these sturdy work horses don’t require any special TLC. They are always dishwasher safe (most are even oven safe ~ warm plates are always a nice touch) so there is no time wasted or extra care needed. Just pair them with some faded linens, simple glassware and let the pieces speak for themselves.

Vintage tip: look for old fabric remnants while out thrifting. Old plaids and calicos can be used as table throws or runners. Don’t be worried about finding one that “fits” your table the less perfect it is the less formal it feels. Try them horizontally, vertically or even at an angle for a more styled look. And extra points if you layer pattern on pattern. 

Shop the settings:

Vintage Set of 8 Sunmarc Endura dinner plates – sold

Set of 5 vintage pink napkins

Vintage Set of  6 Covington Idlewild dinner plates

Set of 7 napkins

Set of 4 Etched Glass Tumblers

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